Flickering through my phone on the bed before sleep became a routine and a ritual ages ago. Finding myself waking up hugging my phone is a norm these days. Suggesty was born in this mist of my separation anxiety with my phone. One hot summer night in the middle of frantic tapping and scrolling I found talking to myself: "I need a secretary who should organize this in a little neat form." Technology gave online shopping malls freedom and high speed wireless bandwidth made the world too vast giving me endless meaningless choices. I remembered my impulse buys from a beautiful model photo smiling at me or from a time ticking flash sales only to end in countless disappointments.

  At some point too much freedom and choices became a source of stress in my online shopping experience. And I thought: "We need an expert"

  A year later, we came up with a caring fashion expert genie who considered my preference, my physical appearance, my whereabouts and recommended only the best out fit customized for me. And after wishing it very hard, we managed to put the genie in a bottle called Suggesty and made it into an app for you.